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By: Paul Davis

Pre-game devotional. Coach Lipsey began by encouraging the Jackets to get focused and complimented the JVs for the work of the offensive line toward the end of the game. "We’re not rushed tonight and have lots of time. Check your cleats and get the times for tonight." At that point, team chaplain Robert Emory introduced Reverend Kevin Dalton from Buffalo Methodist Church who would bring the devotional.

He began by asking if they knew who Tom Brady is, Randy Moss, Ty Warren, and Billy Yates. The team had no problem recognizing the first two names but had trouble with the last two. "Well, the first two are starters with the Patriots," he continued, "that’s why you knew them. The rest were reserves.

"They go to practice every day, get beat up on the offense or defense, and that’s what they do – get beat up. Brady and Moss get good breaks because of these guys. Each one has a special job on the field and may never start, just like some of you.

"I wrestled in college and I and one other teammate of mine went to the National Championships in Minnesota I 1977. The reason we were able to go was because we wrestled the guys on our team. They were part of the team. Without their help, I’d never gone to the National Championships.

"The coaches remember the Dallas Cowboys when coach Tom Landry was there. One of their starters, a wide receiver by the name of Lance Retzell got arrested. When he came back to the team he stood in front of them an apologized for what he did. He cried in front of his team. They were silent.

"Then the lights were turned off and they started watching the game film. In the darkness of the room, player after player came up to him and patted him on the back or arm, showing him that they were supporting him. The entire team.

"Tonight, someone will mess up. Will you encourage him when he’s down? That's what happens on a TEAM. When one of you hurts, it should hurt the entire team. Each of you has a job and it is important to the success of the team. Question: Which is more important, sight or hearing? Both are important. Each of you has an important job. Starters, remember what those who don’t start do for you to make you better." Dalton then ended his talk with prayer.

"You know that we have talked about this same point on Thursday," said coach Lipsey. "We are all in this together."

With the offense. On the board: "I searched for glory, But it eluded me. I looked for fame, But fame eluded me. I searched for Teamwork, And found all three."

Coach Dave Maness began by reviewing some formations that the Jackets would be using and challenged the team to keep the wedge moving like the JVs did against Broome.

"If we go to a two-minute offense, coach Clark will be giving you the signals," continued Mannes. "You listen to the quarterback. All of you have writs bands. This is a must win. There has been a lot said the past couple of weeks and not much done. In the Southern Cal, Oregon game, Oregon jumped on them right away and never stopped. Now, if those two teams play nine more times, USC will win nine of them.

"Secure the ball tonight. Hang on to it. If we are slack with ball handling fundamentals it will show up. Do the little things right. They are coming off two wins and expect to upset us. Don’t’ give them any reason for high fives. Smash them in the mouth. That’s the best way to take the fire out of them. I had a former player who really loved to play when it was raining and muddy. He used to say, ‘There ain’t nowhere to hide tonight.’ That’s the attitude you need to have."

In the gym. "Okay, seniors," began coach Lipsey, "you are guaranteed three home games. That’s all. Fifty percent of your season is gone. I’ll start worrying about Greer at 10:30 tonight. Now it is us and Broome, the only one that matters. I’m tired of hearing talk about us. You have invested a lot so far. Tonight, either they take it or we take it. You had better respect them. Go take it. It will take all of you. Team. Oregon got all over Southern Cal last night. They made it happen. Start tonight. Everything you do matters. This is a piece of the puzzle. Be smart warming up. Don’t go crazy. Payday tonight. Time for you to withdraw some of the investment you’ve made."

Game time. "It sure doesn’t seem like it has been seven days since the last game," began coach Lipsey. "Don’t let this pass you by. No regrets. No regrets. Lay it one the line. Listen, we don’t need to wait until the second half to start playing football. Four quarters. Four quarters. Can you play four quarters of Yellow Jacket football? You have got to go all out for four quarters. Eleven to the ball. Don’t wait until we have to jump and down and holler at you. Know the situation. Think. Focus. Set the tone for the rest of the year. What will Greer see when they watch this film? Go take it. Go take it."

At the half. "Okay," began Lipsey, "it’s about who wants it more. We are making too many mistakes. We are moving the ball. Stay on your blocks. Keep on the pressure. Defense, you are playing great. We will make some adjustments. Go hard. Don’t do anything on the field that will cost us 15 yards. It’s here. Go get it."

After. "You kept pushing. You got a shutout. Don’t see many of those. Offense, you battled. You didn’t let negatives get to you. Enjoy it but Monday we prepare for region. We all are zero and zero. Someone will win region. Someone will get home field advantage. Five weeks, five games. Will you be 0-1 or 1-0 next week this time? Their running back is good. Be safe. Be careful this weekend."

Quick hitters. No one knows who James Barrett is on the team. No one. But they all know Corn Bread, the Jacket ball-boy, equipment assistant, sideline helper, and jack of all trades who has been an important part of the Yellow Jacket team for a long time… the officials apparently had a problem figuring out which was head and which was tails on the coin toss…kicker Alex Tucker put the ball in the end zone twice, giving the Jackets a weapon they’ve not had for a while… Desmond Floyd and Kingsley Duckett got a sack at 10:45 in the first quarter… it’s hard not to be concerned about the mobility and well being of some of the officials, many of whom are overweight and slow, one line judge was so slow he could not cover a deep sideline pass play…Kendrick Brewton asked to address the team before the kick-off… Drell Smith got a tackle for loss in the first quarter… running for his life, quarterback Nick Monroe hooked up with receiver Danny Grady for a great 30-yard pass play… coaches were very pleased with how Bradley Robbins’ teammates encouraged him after he fumbled on a long run deep in Broome territory….Sylvester Moore made a key pass deflection in the second quarter…there was a lot of trash talking going on between Union and Broome players, prompting Kelvin Hardy to challenge his teammates to let their play on the field do all the talking… Mike Mebane showed a lot of patience and leadership during the game…athletes missing practice is always an issue, but with Lamont Edney, coaches say it really bothers Edney when he misses practice, for any reason…Desmond Floyd got a key fumble recovery on our 45-yard line…Nick Monroe had a great 40-yard punt putting Broome on their own 30… George McBeth got in on a sack… Kyle Trantham made an interception with 1:44 left in the game… Robert Littlejohn made an interception at the buzzer to end the game… Dewayne Rogers drew a crowd after the game, dancing, all 300-plus pounds…coaches were very pleased with Desmond Floyd’s and Aaron West’s performance as tight ends in the double wing set… Rogers was also mentioned for doing a good job at center in the tight offensive set… Jarred O’Shields had a great game according to coaches…the coaches were really pleased with the O-line during the fourth quarter.

The Journey Continues. Jacket Bowl XIII. Greer. Be there.



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