Junior Varsity vs. Broome
Jackets 7 - Centurions 6



By: Paul Davis

Though outsized and outnumbered, the Jacket JVs eked out a victory by an extra point, the difference being Eric Pauley made his kick and the Broome kicker didn’t.

The coaches were pleased with the team effort on both sides of the ball. On defense, Calvin Williams had a game-ball kind of game with a brush tip of a pass causing it to go wide of the Broome receiver; a 10-yard sack for loss; another tackle for a 12-yard loss, aided by Stacey Peake; and a 30-yard fumble recovery and that with a slightly injured ankle.

Offensive line Coach Gene Palmer was proud of how the O-line played throughout the game, particularly the first scoring drive which gave the Jackets the lead and the last drive they had which ate up about three minutes on the clock, giving Broome slightly more than a minute to drive 80 yards.

Coach Cedric Jeter was pleased with the defense play all game, bending but never allowing Broome to take control of the game.

DJ Jeter and Dewayne Rogers were the co-captains… Stacey Peake made a key fumble recovery on the Broome 25 which led to a TD…Josh Simpson had a tackle for loss… Antwan Curenton had several good runs during the game but had to sit out a few plays with a slight ankle twist… Eric Pauley had a great punt into the wind in the second quarter, pinning Broome deep in their territory… LaBrian Smith had a tackle for a 5-yard loss…D.J. Jeter took over briefly for Curenton in the third quarter and had a good 12-yard run before leaving the game with a knee injury… the officials blew the change over of the chains at the start of the 4th quarter, giving Union 3rd and 8 instead of 3rd and 5… Rickey Rice had a great 40-yard return on a 4th quarter kick-off…to control the ball and eat up the clock, Union ran a wedge play several times controlling the ball until they had to turn it over to Broome with slightly over one minute to play…with Broome 4th and long, and desperately needing a completion to give them a shot a scoring, Garrick Pendergraph made a huge tackle for loss to end Broome’s hopes… Dayne Jackson was called up from the 9th grade team and attracted the coaches’ attention by his play…LaBrian Smith’s play was also noticed by the varsity coaches.

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