Sportsmanship guidelines
for being a championship fan!
Stand for any patriotic song or prayer.
Stand and cheer for all kickoffs.
Participate with, and support our
Cheerleaders, Band and Honor Guard.
Cheer for our defense as they leave the
field after stopping the opponent.
Cheer for our first downs and touchdowns.
Stand, cheer and encourage our team on all
short yardage 4th down plays if either
team decides to go for the yards.
Stand, cheer and encourage our team during each
 play inside the RED ZONE (20 yard line).
Channel all your energy toward encouraging
and acknowledging our own teamís good play.
 DO NOT rag or boo the opponentís players or fans.
Courteously applaud their particularly good plays
and show support for injured players on either team.
DO NOT boo or harass the officials. All that does is
put your team and coaches in a worse position.
Championship teams deserve championship fans.
Be a roll model by exhibiting good sportsmanship
toward the officials, the opponentís team and the
opponent's supporters before, during and after games.


Source: Silver Bluff High School Football Web Site

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